Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A feast of Stuart Core: nearly always in brief tight black poser with a sheen and compacted bulge or VPL; in early contest photos (towards end), he is bigger than the other contestants in all ways (posted by Muscleposer).


hovis said...

Feast indeed!! Yes, once more wet-look black does the job for Stuart (but that blue poser also fits the bill nicely). Great side-pose pics, showing a good packed pouch profile.

Anonymous said...

That was a feast alright! I imagined myself feasting on that powerful, irresistable bulge from every possible position this big handsome stud was posing in. The last pic is the best. His stance and the look on his face could force every man in the audience to shoot cum in their pants before they even know what hit them.

oceej said...

@Anonymous, you're really sexy with your commentary, thank you.

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