Friday, April 29, 2016

More Steve Kuclo: the trouble with Steve is I could just keep saving and posting his VPL shots ad infinitum; it's a good problem to have (posted by Muscleposer).


Anonymous said...

I saw Kuclo guest posed once and a local show. He came into the audience and posed in the aisle next to me. It was tempting to just grab that bulge. Great looking guy nice to talk with after the show.

Anonymous said...

What a wild fantasy......Steve posing in the audience, legs all spread out with that tantalizing bulge shoved right in everyone's face. Sexy Steve is just waiting for someone to completely lose control and reach for that big hot bulge, to rub it, stroke it, feel it all over. Steve would be so cocky and triumphant that he drove some guy crazy enough to do it, he would put his hands behind his head and thrust his hips forward to really let the man get at it.Steve would look down at the man and smile while his big sexy bulge keeps getting bigger and bigger, making the helpless man moan and groan with uncontrollable lust.

Bound Gods