Thursday, September 1, 2016

Alex Audi: good lumpy VPL in blue posers during competition (posted by Muscleposer).

Dragging and dropping pics direct from some internet pages to speed up the process doesn't seem to work - although it seems some of you can see the pics loaded that way. May depend on your machines. 

Will revert to slower process of using already saved jpgs and loading them. Have attempted doing that already with some of the recent pics (so go back and look), although for those who were already able to see them in the blog like me, there might be a doubling up of pics for the next 4-5 days when the currently scheduled posts finish. 

With the handful still to come in currently scheduled list, I can't reload a double if it is unnamed until it is published (although if I have time, I might check my trash), so those of you who haven't been able to see till now may have to come back a day or so later for the next few (up till and including 5th. Sept.) when I will have been able to double the then uploaded pics.

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