Friday, December 30, 2016

Gotta strip down and go out on the public footpath in my small shiny patterned black poser with my bulge rising towards 11.00 (posted by Muscleposer).


robin said...

Looks like french BB Arnaud Plaisant.

Anonymous said...

If I met this man in public or in the gym, or anywhere at all, I would collapse in front of him, moaning and groaning helplessly, stroking myself feverishly, and CUMMING uncontrollably. All he would have to do is stand there, just like this, and I would lose my mind. It wouldn't matter if anyone else was around, or who was laughing, or anything else. The need to STROKE and SHOOT CUM would be completely irresistible. While I was helplessly stroking off to him, I would beg him to call me a cocksucker, and if he did, then my pleasure would be so overwhelming, it would destroy my mind forever.

Bound Gods