Saturday, July 24, 2021

Emilio Scarcely exposing his dick on webcam (video sent by Luis from Lisbon)




poser lover said...

That is so hot! I agree with the camera man. Hands behind his head showing abs and a nice hard cock in his posing suit pointing upwards as he pushes down on his abs is ABSolutely beautiful! I ejaculated when he hit that pose pushing his hard cock out.

Cedric said...

I disagree totally with Poser-Lover. This guy has a fine physiwue but has not the faintest idea of how to present it. His cock presentation is pathetic. Where on earth did he dig up those ill-fitting posers? This is the absoute antithsies of sexy.

Anonymous said...

Opinions vary Cedric. The guy is hot. I'm sure you'll have more people on this forum agree with me and Poser Lover rather than attack just to be a bitter asshole.

Pb7 said...

I also think that this guy is sexy!

Anonymous said...

This guy is very sexy and a little bit an exhibitionist,
he wears a bad fitting poser so he can show off his dick


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