Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shane (who?): sunlight highlights bulge in tight skimpy navy string poser by the pool (posted by Muscleposer).

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Anonymous said...

Shane is wearing one of the special new posing straps his coach bought for him to wear this summer at the pool. At first Shane was embarrassed to wear something so tight and so revealing, but he always did whatever Coach told him to do,so he went along with it. When he put the strap on for the first time, he couldn't believe how good it felt, how sexy and manly it was. There was something about the feel of the material that seemed to work magic on his cock and balls, making his bulge out more than he usually did. Wearing that sexy poser made him so proud, so cocky, that he loved swaggering his powerful young 18 year old body at the pool, showing off and flexing his muscles for all of the other men. Coach made sure he got plenty of good photos of Shane in that posing strap to send off to college recruiters and to his other fellow coaches. And Coach continued to work closely with Shane to perfect every inch of his gorgeous, masculine physique.

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